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July 5, 2019  

Episode 1 - “I Can’t Say That!” Book Outline

July 5, 2019

In this episode, Dr. Gilbert outlines his new book and workbook that equips parents to learn and instill in others a Biblical Sexual Ethic.  Having "The Talk" with our children is often too little too late, but engaging in hundreds of micro-conversations can be life changing.  


Chapter 1 - Your Story: Taking Inventory
Why Is This Book Different?
Why Do You Need This Book?
My Promise To You

Chapter 2 - Stop The Chain Of Ignorance
You Are Not Alone
The Change Begins With You
The Student Has Become The Teacher!

Chapter 3- Sex Ed For Parents
A Theology Of Sex
A Theology Of Marriage
Love, Sex, And Neuroscience

Chapter 4 - Talking To Your Kids
Birth To Age Five
Kinder To Elementary Age (6–10)
Middle School To High School (11–17)

Chapter 5 - Questions About Gender, Homosexuality, And Same-Sex Attraction
Gender Questions
Same-Sex Attraction

Chapter 6 - What My Child is Facing Today
Influence And Idols

Chapter 7 - Raising Sexually Healthy Children
It Starts With You—The Parent
Boundaries And Choices
Managing Hurts, Failures And Disappointments

Chapter 8 - Singleness, The “M” Word, And Trauma
Singleness, Sexuality, And Dating
The “M” Word
Addressing Past Trauma

Chapter 9 - Building Your Personal Ethos
Building My Personal ETHOS
I Have A Plan
I Commit To Living By A Plan

Chapter 10 - The Power And Importance Of Community
Reminders And Challenges
What’s Next?




Go Beyond the Book with the WORKBOOK where you can benefit from a walkthrough of Scripture and the book "I Can't Say That!" to build YOUR Biblical Sexual Ethic and prepare to lead and teach your children intentionally and with a plan.

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