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July 9, 2019  

Episode 3 - You Are NOT Alone

July 9, 2019


In this episode, Dr. Gilbert addresses that we are not meant to live life alone, but that we are meant be involved in community so that we can be supported in our times of need and then in turn support others.  In Titus 2: 3-5, Paul encourages those that are older men and women to come alongside those younger than them and model how we are to live in this world.  Are you involved in a community of believers?  Do you have others that you can go to with your questions or for prayer?  Do others know that you care for them?  By being involved in an intentionally chosen community, you put others in place to speak into the life of your children and you are able to speak into the lives of others.

When our children leave home, if we have simply used the years they had with us to "protect" them from the world, then they are not prepared to make choices from a Biblical sexual ethic when they are confronted with issues like sexting.  Our silence on these issues is deadly.  We need to be willing to enter into the difficult micro-conversations and disciple our children when they are still willing to listen to us.   We need to be honest about our mistakes and seek forgiveness when necessary.  

George Barna's excellent book, Revolutionary Parenting, details the research he conducted and the conclusions he came to on the "secret" to raising children who were still walking with Christ as young adults.



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