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July 9, 2019  

Episode 4 - The Change Begins with YOU

July 9, 2019

In this episode, Dr. Gilbert encourages parents to go look beyond their children's behavior and ask questions that get to the heart of what they are really thinking, believing, and feeling.  Have you asked them hard questions about sexuality, gender, and pornography?  Have you discussed the current issues in the culture? It is imperative that parents recognize that they are always leading even if it is not always intentionally.  

To lead our children into a Biblical sexual ethic, we need to do three things: 1. We need to be willing to look at our own story, the traumas and regrets in our past, and acknowledge how it affects us.  2. We need to consider our own beliefs on the issues of sexuality and gender. 3.  We need to search God's Word for a proper understanding of these issues and for wisdom in how to love people for whom these things are more than just issues. 

Research that is being done on the neuroplasticity of the brain encourages us that we do not have to be stuck where we are and that we can learn new things.  Dr. Caroline Leaf's research on epigenetics  shows that our thoughts affect our genes and how they are expressed.  What we think and how we think about our work, our relationships, and our purpose determines much of our physical and mental health. 

Commit to being a lifelong learner.  Commit to be a person who thoughtfully builds their own ETHOS.  Be a person who understand the culture and the pressures that your children are facing.


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