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July 19, 2019  

Episode 7 - A Theology of Marriage

July 19, 2019

Have you thought through your beliefs, or theology of marriage? What about sex in marriage?

How was this topic dealt with in your church, community, or home growing up?


The reality is that there are many influences that impacted the development of our ethic on marriage and sex in marriage. Some of the influences that tend to have the most impact are:

  • Our personal experience
  • Family history
  • Lack of conversation (the problem of silence) 

  • Biblical precedent (and/or interpretation) 

If we are not careful, our personal experience growing up in our homes and the surrounding culture will shape our beliefs about marriage more than the Word of God. Sex is now one of the most pervasive problems in marriage. If we step back, we can see its impact on many lives from abuse, pornography, and the objectification of women that affects the whole of society, degrading and impacting marriages as well. 

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