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July 24, 2019  

Episode 9 - Anatomy

July 24, 2019

In this episode, Dr. Gilbert shares the importance of a basic understanding of human anatomy. 

We are a sexually explicit culture in our entertainment, yet, overall, we are woefully misinformed and continue to pass on myths and lies as though they were facts. We pride ourselves on not being a prude, yet we refer to a woman’s vulva as “down there” or a man’s penis as “his thing”. We cannot talk about sex in a serious context without embarrassment, and most people wouldn’t know if something were wrong with their body, their spouse’s body, or their child’s body since they haven’t educated themselves. Knowing the correct terms becomes critical when harm has occurred and they need to have the words at their disposal to describe what happened.

Do you remember middle school biology and how the reproductive system works? Where does the egg meet the sperm? How does it attach to the wall of the uterus, and what is required for all of this to go just right?   This process is nothing short of a miracle. Teach it to your children. Train them to be in the know. Make these topics a normal part of the family conversations.

Can you have a conversation with your daughter about her upcoming period and the purpose of menstruation? Can you help her be prepared and not feel fear?

 Can you have a conversation with your son about how their penis is made—that it is not wood or bone? They need to be taught what is normal for their testes — their sensitivity, and how sperm and testosterone are made.

Stewardship will be a critical part of conversations you have with your children. Learning to manage their attractions, desires, passions, and lusts will be of utmost importance. They always have a choice. 

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